Word Poppers

SKU T73534

Word Poppers is a chaotic word game where players match tiles to create words under a time limit. Score points for used tiles and longer words, but lose points for unused tiles and unmatched letters. Round after round, the timer adds to the frenzy!

The first player to score 25 points is the Word Poppers winner!

  • Words that will make you jump: Word Poppers is the spellbinding, nerve-racking game where players tame jittery letters into shape.
  • Tic-toc the race is on: The whole game board is a timer, ticking down as players race to pick up the letter tiles they need, one by one.
  • A win is on the cards: Each player has a card with three printed letters they must add to with letter tiles so as to form short words, long words – anything they can.
  • Time’s up! The seconds tick by, then wham! The timer and the whole board go pop, scrambling the letters that are left. First player to 25 points wins the game.
  • Family fun for 1-4 players
  • 8 years and up.

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