Venomthropes / Zoanthropes

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Multi-kit: Makes Venomthropes / Zoanthropes / Neurothrope

The Venomthropes whip-like tentacles drip with a multitude of alien poisons. Indeed, so potent are these toxins that it is believed that a Venomthropes very touch means certain death.

Zoanthropes are powerful psykers, living synapse nodes created solely to harness the psychic potential of the Hive Mind. By flexing the merest part of its mystical mind, a Zoanthrope can manifest this power in a variety of incredible, destructive ways, and even block artillery shells with their psychic might.

The Neurothrope is the highest advancement of the Zoanthrope bioform, synaptic monsters that leech the mental energies of their prey to fortify their own underdeveloped physical shells. The Aeldari believe these psychic parasites to be the spawn of an abomination they call the Doom of Malantai, which devoured an entire craftworld with its foul powers. On the battlefield, they act as a pulsing nexus of the Hive Minds psychic might, channelling alien impulses into an eldritch onslaught.

This 80-piece plastic kit makes three Venomthropes. It comes with three different heads and 3 different left and right tentacle arms. This kit is loaded with customisation opportunities with each model poseable at the waist, neck, tentacle arms, and claws.

This kit can alternatively be assembled as 3 Zoanthropes or 2 Zoanthropes and a Neurothrope.

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