Vallejo Game Color Violet Wash - 18ml

by Vallejo
SKU 73209

Game Washes are used to create weathering effects on models.
Suitable for both brush and airbrush applications.

Developed by experts at Acrylicos Vallejo in collaboration with professional artists, the new formulation of the Game Color range is an evolution in fantasy and wargame miniature painting.

Vallejo Game Wash is a range of colours to create wash effects and techniques on miniatures to show on the surface of aging, use, wear, and shadows. It can also be used on other surfaces.

Game Wash is a transparent and very fluid acrylic paint that is mainly used for shading techniques on figures and vehicles. It can also be used for creating glazing and filter effects over other colours in the range.

Game Color Washes are designed for use with a brush and can also be sprayed with an airbrush.

Game Colours are supplied in a 18 ml. bottle with eyedropper. The new r-PET (recycled/recyclable) plastic bottle is completely transparent, improving colour visualization and reinforcing Acrylicos Vallejo’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. The new bottles comes supplied with a security seal.

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