Tyrant Army Figure Case inc Foam - 40K, AOS & Warhammer Loadout

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The Tyrant Army Figure Case MK 3 is a lightweight and durable black material case. 

The Tyrant has been orientated so that trays stack horizontally for extra protection for your miniatures. As well as the top opening, a side panel also opens out so trays are easier to reach and stack. The case is water resistant and specially designed to fit the classic G.W. trays (found in their older figure and army cases) as well as the Tabletop Tyrant range of trays. The case comes with a zip top, sewn handles, a shoulder strap and heavy-duty buckles. 

We have improved the plastic battle armour of the tyrant so that all 6 faces of the case are protected. This new version of the tyrant also comes with side pockets for templates and dice, a front pocket for rulebooks and an inside pocket for army books or rulebooks.  

Please note any models shown in the tray are for reference only and not included with the case.

Our trays are 355 mm in length and 270 mm in width. The depth depends on the type of tray and the stated depth does not include the glued on bottom tray. 

 The 40K, AOS and Warhammer Loadout comes with 3 x 35 mm deep infantry trays, 1 x 50mm deep infantry tray and one 75mm deep pick and pluck. 

Types of Trays

The Elite tray holds 25 larger based models ideal for 40 mm based models. The compartment size is 60 mm x 40mm. The tray is 50 mm deep.

The infantry trays hold 36 models. The compartment size is 50 x 32 mm The tray is 35 mm deep.

The "pick and pluck" design guides you for fitting in a variety of models or items. Simply remove the squares of foam you do not require and make a perfect fit for the items you need storing.  The tray is 75 mm deep.

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