TTCombat Sector Nihilus - Industrial Complex


The Sector Nihilus is designed with a more chaotic influence than the more industrious numbered sectors, while still being completely compatible with the rest of our Industrial Hive range. This kit looks great as a standalone sector or as part of a larger industrial complex.

This kit is made from 3mm MDF, easy to put together and looks great on the tabletop. Great scenery to use with 28-32mm wargames.

Compatible with our other Industrial Hive Complexes the Sector Nihilus - Industrial Complex comes with;

  • 2 Hanging Walkways
  • 2 Demon Vats
  • 2 Floating Silos
  • 1 Demon Gate
  • 1 Warp Cube
  • 3 Stairs
  • 3 Sector Nihilus Walkways
  • 1 Sector Nihilus Rectangular Platform
  • 2 Hanging Walkways
  • 8 Walkway Clips
  • 10 Hanging Walkway Clips
  • 2 Long Ladders
  • 2 Short Ladders
  • 6 Hanging Chains
  • 18 Barricades

Model supplied unpainted and will require assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Any models shown in the photos are for scale only and not included.


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