The Game of Saying Huh?

SKU T73537

In The Game of Saying Huh, players will act out unique ways of saying a word or phrase without using gestures or below-the-neck movements. Get points for guessing and performing correctly!

  • ‘It’s show time’: Say it like a TV presenter, like a robot, or like you’re swimming! Game of ‘Huh’ is the game where everyone says the same thing but means something different.
  • Acting up: Say a given word or phrase in a way that matches the description on the Task card, using your voice and facial expressions only.
  • Can you guess? Others have to work out which of the 8 options on the card you just mimicked.
  • Place your bets: Earn points by correctly assigning who played what role. You’ll also earn points for a convincing performance. Rack up the most points to win.
  • Family fun: For 3-8 players
  • 8 years and up.

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