Sparmax SP-20X, 0.2mm Gravity Feed

by Sparmax

The Sparmax SP-20X airbrush is able to draw the finest details and thinnest lines out of all the airbrushes in the Sparmax Airbrush range. The SP-20X offers users unparalleled precision and control. Suitable for various applications, from food decoration to nail art.

The Sparmax SP-20X airbrush provides exceptional performance with even the smallest compressors because it atomises well at low pressures. It has a 0.2mm needle and nozzle combination for fine detail spraying.

The Sparmax SP-20X is a dual-action airbrush and features a Preset Handle which limits the colour flow to avoid over-shooting and a removable fluid cup. This airbrush will hold 0.9ml (1/32oz) without a cup attached.

The Sparmax SP-20X airbrush features:

-Gravity-feed with 1/4 oz (7ml) removable cup with lid
-Airbrush will hold 0.9ml (1/32oz) without a cup attached
-Dual-action airbrush
-0.2mm needle and nozzle combination
-Fine detail to 3/4" (0.2mm to 20mm) spray pattern with the one size nozzle
-Ergonomic handle design with a Pre-set colour flow control
-Cleaning brush included
-Replaceable internal PTFE solvent-proof needle packing for use with solvent-based paints

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