Rohan™ Outriders

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Exceptional riders even by the standards of the Men of Rohan, the Outriders are tasked with scouting ahead of her armies and laying ambushes for the warriors of the enemy to fall into. Many an enemy force has arrived at a battle already harried and weary from the traps set by Outrider attacks.

Each Rohan Outrider is a swift and agile horseman. Whether mounted or on foot, each Outrider is a dead-eye shot with a bow.

The set contains 4 metal Rohan Outrider miniatures – two on foot and another two mounted – as well as two plastic horses. The models come supplied with two Citadel 40mm Round Bases and two Citadel 25mm Round Bases. Their rules can be found in Armies of The Lord of The Rings™.

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