Revell Concorde British Airways

by Revell
SKU 04257

The British-French supersonic airliner is one of the most spectacular aircraft developments in recent years. The first flight of this supersonic airliner, manufactured by British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospatiale, took place on March 2, 1969, and scheduled flight operations began in early 1976 (transatlantic and Middle East air traffic). The Concorde has four Olympus 593 engines (each 17,000 kp thrust) and reaches a maximum cruising speed of Mach 2.04. Max. Range: 6,580 km, passenger capacity: 128-144 people.

  • The bow tip can be built in two positions
  • 2 engine nacelles
  • Chassis optionally in two positions
  • Decal Versions: 2 versions British Airways

Scope of delivery:

Kit including instructions and decal

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