Ranger Magnetic Figure Case - Including 2 Infantry Foam Trays (Holds 32 Models)


The Ranger magnetic figure case is made from high-quality solid cardboard and comes in a stylish black finish.

The internal depth of the case is 75 mm so it can cater for models with bases up to 75 mm. 

The case is suitable for small mini sets, card games, dice sets and just about anything else you need protecting. 

The case comes with a magnetic clasp. This ensures the contents are safe from spilling out and can be transported with ease.

This version comes with x2 Infantry Foam Trays which can hold up to 32 Models. 

Infantry Foam trays compartments are 25mm deep, 32mm wide and 50mm long which accommodates most common minatures.


The internal dimensions  of the Ranger Figure Case are;  

260 mm x 185 mm x 75mm.

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