Plastic Round to Square Base Adapter 25mm

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Round to square adapter AOS-TOW 25mm

Green Stuff World's Hollow Plastic Bases offer a unique and creative solution for adding dynamic water terrain effects to your wargaming and tabletop miniature collections. 

They have been designed with a beveled edge and a hollowed-out interior to allow for water or swamp-themed terrain effects, giving the illusion of miniatures being partially submerged in water or wading through a swamp. These have been designed to be compatible with various wargames and board games, making them suitable for a wide range of gaming systems. Whether you play fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or other genres, they can add a touch of realism to your miniatures.

Additionally, they can serve as Round to square base adapters 25mm. This feature is particularly useful if you use them as adapters for Warhammer the Old World bases, where the need to use old miniatures becomes a reality.

These AOS base adapters will convert round to square and they will be compatible with games such as 9th Age, Warhammer the Old World, or older editions of Warhammer Fantasy with square serves a couple of purposes:

  1. Compatibility: Different tabletop wargames have different base shapes and sizes. For instance, Age of Sigmar typically uses round bases, while older editions of Warhammer Fantasy use square bases. They allow players to use models from one game system in another without having to rebase all their miniatures.
  2. Aesthetic Consistency: Some players prefer the aesthetic of squares over round ones, or vice versa. Base adapters enable players to maintain a consistent look across their army, regardless of the shape required by the game they're playing.
  3. Versatility: You can play games with different base shapes of miniatures at the same time without having to change everything. This is especially useful when everything is decorated and painted. 
  4. Tournament and Rule Compliance: In some tournament settings or specific rule sets, there may be requirements for base shape and size. Adapting bases ensures that your miniatures comply with these rules without needing to rebase your entire collection.

Contains 20x Base Adapters round to square base adapter 25 mm from Age of Sigmar to The Old World.

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