Plastic Base Adapter 25x50mm to 30x60mm

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Hollow Plastic Bases 30x60mm

Green Stuff World's Hollow Plastic Bases 30x60mm offer a unique and creative solution for adding dynamic water terrain effects to your wargaming and tabletop miniature collections. 

They have been designed with a beveled edge and a hollowed-out interior to allow for water or swamp-themed terrain effects, giving the illusion of miniatures being partially submerged in water or wading through a swamp. These have been designed to be compatible with various wargames and board games, making them suitable for a wide range of gaming systems. Whether you play fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or other genres, they can add a touch of realism to your miniatures.

Additionally, they can serve as 25x50 to 30x60mm base adapters, allowing you to convert 25x50 mm to the larger 30x60 mm size. This feature is particularly useful if you use them as adapters for Warhammer the Old World bases, where the need to use old miniatures becomes a reality.

Contains 10x Cavalry Base Adapters 30x60mm. Compatible with Warhammer the Old World

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