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Get ready for Numerical from TOMY Games - a number game that's full of surprises! Battle up to four players as you each start with 10 randomized tiles on your rack. Create Runs and Sets, and don't forget to keep an eye out for Multiplier and Addition squares to increase your points. Be strategic and stack tiles to surprise your opponents. With Rainbow squares and wild blank tiles, there are endless ways to win this game!

  • It’s all in the numbers: Players each start with 10 random number tiles, looking to place as many on the board as they can on each turn.
  • Sideways and up & down: Build horizontal Runs from 1-10 of the same colour. Or vertical Sets of the same number in 4 different colours.
  • See a chance, take it: Look out for Rainbow spaces to help you on your way, plus Multipliers and Addition spaces to maximise tile values.
  • Steal a march on the opposition: Add just one or two tiles to other players’ tiles, or modify what’s on the board and get bonus points for completing a Run.
  • Eyes on the prize: Top up your tiles to ten on each turn and keep playing until all options are exhausted. Score the most points to win.
  • For 2-4 players
  • 12 years and up

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