Medical Mysteries - New York Emergency Room

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Your patients' lives are in your hands. Will they survive the night? Work as a team to solve real life medical cases. Each patient has a mysterious medical condition and it is your job to diagnose and treat before its too late. Do you have what it takes to save their lives?

  • PLAY AS A NEW YORK EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR: In Medical Mysteries, you're in the role of an ER doctor trying to save your patient's life before morning. Team up with colleagues to analyze, diagnose, and heal in the nick of time!
  • INCLUDES 4 PATIENTS AND A TUTORIAL: Each case has a varying level of difficulty.
  • EXAMINE, DIAGNOSE AND TREAT: As an ER doctor, investigate patients' symptoms, uncover evidence, team up, follow clues, conduct tests, seek advice, trust your instincts, and save patients while earning points.
  • IT’S A RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK: Each action you take progresses the game, and the clock. Your goal is to get your patient to survive the night. Continue testing and diagnosing until time runs out.
  • 1-4 Players
  • Ages 14+

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