Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheets - Magnetic Sheet & Rubber Steel Sheet Combo

SKU 8436554365265ES
Magnetic Sheet & Rubber Steel Sheet Combo - all SELF ADHESIVE in A4 size.

Magnetic Sheets provide a quick and simple way of magnetising your fantasy wargames units on their movement trays. Use them alone, together with our rubber steel sheets or together with our Neodymium Magnets depending on the attraction strength needed. These 200mm x 300mm sheet provides enough material to make up to three 50-man movement trays or six 25 man trays (using 20mm bases) and can be cut to size easily with a pair of scissors or a craft knife.

Rubber Steel sheets are impregnated with iron to allow magnets to stick to them while remaining flexible and hardwearing. Simply cut the self-adhesive sheet to size and affix to your painted movement tray to allow miniatures with magnetic bases to stick to it. They comes in handy for many craft applications, especially in wargaming where it can be used to make your own magnetic movement trays and display bases, providing far easier movement of troops around the battlefield. The colour of the sheet is quite attractive for any movement tray.

This set includes:
1 x rubber steel sheet 0.9 mm - A4 size
1 x magnetic sheet 0.9 mm - A4 size

Combine them with our Magnetic Sheets, our Rubber Steel Sheets or with our Neodymium Magnets for a quick, easy way of magnetising your units.

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