Hybrid Extra Deep Pick & PLuck Foam Storage Tray - 100mm


Single foam tray with an attached bottom pad. The tray is also supplied with a cover pad. 

Made for the classic G.W. Figure/ Army Figure Cases and the Tabletop Tyrant range of full-size cases. 

Provides a segmented pick & pluck tray.

The "pick and pluck" design guides you for fitting in a variety of models or items.

Press machines can only cut so deep. Rather than limit the depth of the trays, we offer we have come up with a hybrid solution. Our Hybrid pick and pluck trays are made in multiple components then they are hot glued tother into one storage block. 

Now the only limit is the size of the object that needs protection.

Price of the storage foam depends on the thickness selected.

Please note that any models shown are not included and are for reference only

Dimensions 355 mm x 270 mm x 100mm

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