FRS.1 Sea Harrier

by Italeri
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The British Aerospace Sea Harrier was a VTOL / STOVL (Short take-off and vertical landing) capable fighter, developed to equip the air arm sections of the British Royal Navy. It entered into service during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s with the main operational role of fleet air defence aircraft. In 1982 it was deployed on HMS Invincible and HMS Hermes during the Falklands war, fully demonstrating its operational effectiveness during the conflict. Unable to match the speed and flight characteristics of opposing aircraft such as the Mirage 111, it was nevertheless extremely manoeuvrable and reliable in all operating conditions. The Sea Harrier was equipped with an effective offensive armament capability, consisting of two 30mm ADEN guns installed in pods under the fuselage and by 4 sub-wing hardpoints to launch air-to-air missiles.

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