Foamboard 5 mm

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Foamboard 5 mm

These boards are incredibly versatile and their dense foam construction will give you a cleaner cut and optimal support for your creations.

The dense foam section is sandwiched between two thin card layers, which allow ink, paint and toppers to adhere to the surface easily compared with a more porous foam surface. It can be painted, decorated, and nailed. Add a thin PVA glue layer before painting to reduce and almost remove the low porosity of this material.

The inner foam can be easily texturized either by hand or with textured rolling pins. We recommend using rolling pins with simple textures such as bricks, cobblestone, pavement and frozen.

Basic scratch material for all diorama and scratch builds.

Color: White
Dimensions: 200 x 300mm.
Thickness: 5mm
Quantity: 2 sheets

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