Dig In!

SKU T73478

Experience the excitement of Dig In as you race against time to find six hidden figures in the tumbling bowl of 128 playing pieces. With three games in one, this fun and quirky game challenges players to use their lateral thinking, coordination, and social skills. From classic EYE SPY to themed and letter-based rounds, Dig In offers endless entertainment for kids and adults alike.



  • Starting with classic EYE SPY - each player must try to quickly spot and dig out six figures shown on their game card: first individually, then everyone digs in at once.
  • In GAMES TWO and THREE the 128 figures are set up on the table and players race to spot figures either starting with a random letter (things starting with R), or with a common theme (things that eat food).
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages 5+


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