Deutsches U-Boot Typ XXI Mit Interieur

by Revell
SKU 05078

With the Type XXI, Germany possessed the most advanced submarine in the world at the time in early 1945. Numerous technical innovations enabled it to travel underwater without restriction, as the diesel engines drew in the fresh air they needed through a special snorkel. The line shape designed for underwater travel and a threefold increase in battery capacity resulted in the sensational underwater speed of 17 knots. Other innovations included low-noise electric motors for crawl speeds, highly sensitive locators and 2 cm anti-aircraft gun turrets. The model gives an authentic view of this pioneering submarine through the cut open left hull outer wall. Many rooms are faithfully reproduced, including the diesel and electric engines. Glimpses of the command center and crew living quarters give a sense of life underwater. The decal includes interior details and identifications for U2540, which was commissioned on Feb. 24, 1945. After a short training voyage, U2540 was sunk by the crew in the Flensburg Fjord on 04.05.1945. Raised again in 1957, it served the German Navy as the test boat Wilhelm Bauer. Today U2540 can be visited as a museum boat.

  • Cut open left hull wall gives insight into the interior
  • Detailed surface structures
  • Detailed torpedo room
  • Crew living quarters
  • Detailed command center
  • Turret with interior structure
  • Detailed diesel and electric engines
  • Battery/accumulator rooms
  • Movable depth and rudder
  • Rotating twin flap towers
  • Detailed turret structure with antennas, periscope and snorkel mast
  • Authentic decal for U2540 with interior details

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