D&D "Spitfire" Dragonlance: Warriors Of Krynn

SKU D09940000

Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn is a cooperative game of adventure and strategy where you play 
heroes battling against the terrifying Dragon Army. As conflict rages around you, maneuver between 
battlefields and adventure locations to tip the scales of war.
This stand-alone board game includes rules for integrating characters from the Dungeons & Dragons 
companion adventure Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen (sold separately or available 
together in the Deluxe Edition bundle.) 
Board game components: 1 scenario book, 1 rulebook, 6 hero figures, 7 custom dice, 1 key moment 
tracker, 6 hero boards, 130 plastic markers, 9 double-sided battle tiles, 22 double-sided adventure 
tiles, 106 tokens, 323 cards, and 1 storage tray.

• Face off against the sinister Dragon Army in battles ranging from skirmishes to epic sieges
• Explore the surrounding lands to find treasure, allies, and other advantages
• Shape the story of the war through 12 connected campaign scenarios—includes optional 
rules for 6 scenarios that interact with encounters from the companion D&D adventure, 
Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen (included in the Deluxe Edition bundle or 
available separately)
• Earn rewards from your successes that increase your capabilities the next time you play
• Cooperative game for 3–5 players

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