Green Stuff World Hobby Carving Set

SKU 8436574508963ES

Hobby Carving Set 

Chisel toolset including 10 precision tips made of tungsten high-speed steel valid for wood, soft metal, plastic and resin carving. The sturdy aluminium handle will allow you to easily swap out tips at your convenience.

Use it remove unwanted surface details/imperfections, or in placed hard to reach with modeling knives or side cutters. Engraving to emphasize details such as panel lines, or even adding custom details, are a popular advanced modeling method.

Simply hold at a 45º to 60º angle and pull lightly across the surface to score it. Repeat as necessary to achieve a clearly-defined result.


  • 2x 0.5mm Cylinder Chisel Tips
  • 2x 1mm Semi-circle Chisel Tips
  • 2x 2mm Flat Chisel Tips
  • 2x 2mm Triangle Chisel Tips
  • 2x 2mm Irregular Chisel Tips

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