Cobra Paw

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In Cobra Paw, players take turns rolling the dice — which feature six unique symbols — then race to grab the tile with the matching pattern before anyone else. Whoever grabs six tiles first wins!

Cobra Paw, from Bananagrams, is an astoundingly simple game of lightening-quick reactions for two to six players. It takes less than a minute to learn and sets-up in less than 30 seconds!

To set-up you will place all dominoes face-up in the middle of the table. The player with the smallest hands rolls the two dice first, and all players must try to grab the solitary domino with the pattern that matches the dice. The player who grabbed the matching domino will put it on the table in front of themselves in plain sight and then roll the dice to start the next round. The first player to acquire six dominoes (or eight dominoes for a two-player game) wins the game! It’s really that simple!

There is also a code of conduct, which adds nuances such as:

Dominoes may be grabbed from the common pool or from the supply of other players.
Grabbing dominoes must be done with the fingers, not the whole hand.
If multiple opponents grab the same domino at the same time, the player whose finger is in or closest to the divot in the centre of the domino wins it.
Two-handed grabbing is prohibited.
Players may not block the sight of other players.
The game also provides three variants:

Ghosts of the Fallen - During set-up, remove all dominoes with a particular pattern. When one of these patterns appears during the dice roll, the first player to shout 'Cobra Paw' gets a domino from the central pool.
No Touchy - Any player who touches the wrong domino after the dice have been rolled cannot claim a domino this turn.
Two Ninja Stand-Off - An epic game variant of sorts for two players. Each player races to obtain 11 dominoes. The 'No Touchy' rules apply here.
Fun for families and for evenings with friends, will you become the champion of Cobra Paw?

Age: 5+
Players: 2-6
Time: 5-15 Minutes

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