Basic Starter Set - 3rd Gen

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This basic set of 14 paints is a great starting point for anyone new to modeling since the color selection, aside from being so attractive and vibrant, is inspired by the color wheel.
Through the use of primary, secondary and tertiary colors, the modeler will be able to quickly acquire skills and experience to lose the fear of mixtures. For this reason, it is also a great option for more experienced artists who enjoy creating their own colors to communicate the emotions and feelings that they intend to convey with their painting.
This set contains:

AK11001 White
AK11029 Black
AK11183 Amethyst BlueBlue
AK11180 Imperial Blue
AK11182 Deep Blue
AK11172 Archaic Turquoise
AK11142 Deep Green
AK11136 Frog Green
AK11045 Deep Yellow
AK11080 Deep Orange
AK11087 Scarlet Red
AK11091 Carmine
AK11096 Wine Red
AK11067 Magenta

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