Artis Opus XXL Texture Palette A3


It's finally here: an XXL upgrade to our best-seller (the popular XL palette)!

We've taken the opportunity to fully test out and re-design the palette, now featuring:

- Increased working palette space *all round*
- Extra palette space bottom right and left (for left and right-handed users)
- Huge A3 (297 x 420 mm) footprint - Palette/Desk-Protector size

This beast features a large variety of texture for testing your brushwork on, before taking it to your model, it's also an ideal place to clean your brushes, using the graffiti design's coarser elements like a 'washboard'.

The large area gives plenty of opportunity for incidental learning, accidental discoveries, and encourages experimentation!

Prime it and you're ready to mix on it, test colour schemes, test your drybrushing results before taking your brush to miniature, and also clean series D on it, gently using it like a washboard.

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