American Civil War: Infantry Regiment Firing Line

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Black Powder American Civil War: Infantry Regiment Firing Line


In many civil wars in history, both sides were equipped in a very similar fashion with the colour of their uniforms and the flags they fought under being the identifying features. This was no different for the forces of the Union and the Confederacy in the American Civil War, and these miniatures, presenting their arms at firing line, are equally suited to be painted as either a Union or Confederate regiment.

Wearing dark blue tunics, light blue trousers and armed with percussion rifles, the Union soldiers learnt how to manoeuvre and march great distances to take the war to the south. Early regiments were of mixed quality with few having drilled before, let alone seen active service of any note. By the war’s end they were a tough and efficient fighting body of men, a match for their adversary, ‘Johnny Reb’.

Confederate regiments were tough, with many in their ranks used to privation and familiar with firearms. This was just as well, as compared to their northern foes in the Union they were frequently poorly equipped, fed and armed – much of their equipment was taken from Federal prisoners or privately purchased. The better maintained troops favoured the Enfield muzzle-loading rifles if available, but many types of rifles were used during the war, even old flintlocks in reserve units. Ragtag they may look, but southern troops had a spring in their step and were renowned for their quick and terrifying charges, many emitting the unearthly, ululating ‘Rebel Yell’ to unnerve their ‘blue belly’ opponents.


  • 24 Warlord resin figures in 28mm scale, including command group
  • Plastic bases
  • MDF Snake Fence scenery
  • Cap badge decal sheet
  • Full-colour flag sheets for both Union and Confederate troops

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