Active Snap!

SKU T73244

Active Snap is a fun twist on the classic card game. Be the first to shout 'snap!' when the same card appears twice and win all the cards. Each card has a silly exercise for the other players to do. Don't worry about winning, just enjoy the laughs along the way. Easy to learn, take it anywhere for a good time.

  • It’s fast, it’s fun: Add a whole new dimension to the classic card game of Snap!
  • Snap and grab: Take turns to flip over a card, spot two matching consecutive cards and… ‘Snap!’
  • Get Active: Everyone else has to do what the cards say: jog on the spot, squats, shadow box…
  • Show off your moves: Laughs and giggles are guaranteed as players stretch, jump, dance and wiggle.
  • Family favourite: for 2-4 players
  • Ages 4+

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