ABS Plasticard - Thread DOUBLE DIAMOND Textured Sheet - A4

SKU 8436554361014ES

ABS Plasticard - Double Diamond Textured Sheet - A4 size - Thickness 0'75mm

Embossed styrene plastic sheets that can be used to create roofing, flooring, siding, rock, stone, metal plate and other architectural parts. The sheets are demanded by architectural firms and hobbyists for their accurate, embossed detailing and versatility. Very easy to cut and glue.

Sheet size 200x300mm (8,5x11 inches)

Thickness: 0.75mm

This sets contains 1 A4 sheet in color mat brown or color mat white (depending on availabilities)

Size of the diamonds in the drawing: 3x1 mm

Scale: 1/43-1/48-1/50

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