GSW Prince Blood

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Prince TAU Blood
Prince TAU Blood effect paint is a type of acrylic paint that is specifically formulated to create the look of regal bodily fluids on miniature figurines of court, princely, and royal themes. It is commonly used in hobbies such as modeling, wargaming, and other miniature-related activities to add a highly realistic touch to various projects with a regal or majestic theme.

While this acrylic effect can add a unique and realistic dimension to your miniatures, it may not be suitable for audiences sensitive to violence or gore within the royalty.

Green Stuff World offers a wide range of different effect paints, each designed to replicate a different fluid look. It is important to select the appropriate type of paint for your specific project and desired effect.

Contents: 1 dropper bottle 17ml - Valid for brush and airbrush.

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