American Civil War: Artillery Battery

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Black Powder American Civil War: Artillery Battery


By the time of the American Civil War, artillery had become a deadly arm on the field of battle, used in huge numbers by both Union and Confederate armies. Some pieces were still old-fashioned muzzle-loading smoothbores similar to those fielded to such great effect during the Napoleonic wars. However, many more were superbly accurate rifled pieces capable of propelling shrapnel shells to 2,000 yards and more. If hard-pressed, guns could use canister at deadly close range to sweep away attacking troops.

This box contains:

  • 3 Warlord Resin American Civil War guns with 4 crew each
  • A variety of gun barrel options: 
    • 3x Union 12-pdr Napoleon
    • 1x Confederate 12-pdr Napoleon
    • 1x 12-pdr howitzer
    • 1x 10-pdr Parrott rifle
    • 3x 6-pdr Napoleon
    • 1x 3-inch ordnance 
  • MDF Snake Fence scenery
  • Cap badge decal sheet.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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