Vallejo The Shifters Set - Magic Dust

by Vallejo
SKU 77090

The Shifters set is a selection of ready to use metallic acrylic airbrush colors.

The multichromatic pigments used in the formulation of these colors give them a vibrant metallic sparkle, while their glass-like coating acts like a refracting prism. Each flake presents a variety of color depending on the angle of view and incident light; the color shift effect is observable with both high and low-gloss applications and in a wide variety of lighting conditions and is intensified if the colors are applied on a curved surface, while best effects are obtained over a gloss black base color.

The sets in The Shifters range contain a selection of water-based acrylic airbrush metallic colors. Depending on the light or angle, color shifts from one shade to another. Shake well, apply in thin layers. Best effects obtained over a gloss black base color.

Magic Dust

The Magic Dust paint set contains the following high contrast chromatic colours.

77.001 Violet/Old Copper
77.006 Gold/Pale Blue
77.007 Pearl/Violet
77.011 Old Silver/Violet
77.012 Silver/Pink
77.015 Gold Yellow/Burnt Orange

Includes 6 Shifters colours in bottles of 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz., with eyedropper.

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