Vallejo Cyberpunk - Lawmen Set

by Vallejo
SKU 72308

The Cyberpunk Red paint sets are the result of the collaboration between Monster Fight Club and Vallejo.
Cyberpunk Red is the new edition of Cyberpunk, the original tabletop roleplaying game of the Dark Future created by Mike Pondsmith and published by R.
Talsorian Games. Ángel Giráldez has selected the colors and developed detailed step-by-step guides for painting the exclusive miniatures included in the sets. The painting guides are available not only as a combination of text and images in the leaflets included in the packs, but also as highquality videos which can only be accessed by scanning the QR codes available in the sets. Cyberpunk Red is the original roleplaying game of the Dark Future, the Time of the Red; a world of corporate assassins, heavy-metal heroes and brain burning cyberhackers, packed with cutting edge technology and intense urban action. Here, Megacorps have ravaged civilization and you do what you must to survive. Are you ready to plug in and fight?


Lawmen by Cyberpunk Red Exclusive “Sgt. Suou” mini

The Lawmen paint set contains an exclusive miniature of “Sgt. Suou” and a dedicated step-by-step painting guide by Ángel Giráldez. Wearing a badge in Night City means taking a stand against chaos to keep the streets safe. Even with flying AFVs, armored response teams, and enough firepower to douse a city block in bullets, the law is still out-matched, out-numbered, and out-gunned. The criminals, gangs, and cyberpsychos carry military-grade hardware. Every shift is a meat grinder and every patrol is a roll of life’s dice.

72.052 Silver
72.053 Chainmail Silver
72.055 Polished Gold
72.056 Glorious Gold
72.057 Bright Bronze
72.058 Brassy Brass
72.059 Hammered Copper
72.060 Tinny Tin

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