Artis Opus Series D & M - Complete Brush Set (10 Brushes)


Every Series D & M brush, perfectly presented.

We get asked regularly by fans of our brushes if we’re thinking of a way for people to hold all of their brushes in the same box. Thanks to a new production facility we’re finally able to bring you the full Series D and Series M sets together.

This set comes complete with:

- Size XS Series D Brush
- Size S Series D Brush
- Size M Series D Brush
- Size L Series D Brush
- Size XL Series D Brush
- Size 000 Brush
- Size 00 Brush
- Size 0 Brush
- Size 1 Brush
- Size 2 Brush
- 3ml Brush Soap
- Dampening Pad
- Brush-Rest
- Brush Care Leaflet

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