Dominaria United Commander Deck - Legends' Legacy

SKU C97140001LL
Choose your Commander and overcome both friend and foe in this definitive multiplayer Magic format. Strike a deal with the villainous Dihada and unleash a stampede of legends from throughout history. Every creature in this deck is legendary, and each one you summon will get you one step closer to victory!

Dihada, Binder of Wills

Ancient and corrupted beyond mortal reckoning, Geyadrone Dihada is a shapeshifting demon who seeks out powerful entities to dominate them. Dihada waits patiently in the dark, gathering her forces and plotting a return to the heights of her power.


  • 100 card Deck with 10 new cards
  • Deck Box
  • 10 double-sided token cards
  • Foil-etched display commander
  • Life Wheel
  • Strategy Insert
  • Reference Card

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